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Portrait Photography in Grimsby

Welcome to Andy Ogden Photography

Remember when you were little and you tried to take a photograph? You probably held the camera at a funny angle and perhaps had a finger partially covering the lens, but hopefully you managed not to cut anyone out of the photo. I remember waiting for my mum to pick up the photos from the printers, excited, knowing that the picture I took was in there somewhere. I still get a similar feeling after a shoot as I wait for the photos to upload to the computer and I want you to share in that feeling. After the shoot you'll receive an email giving you access to your private gallery where you can order from a choice of print sizes, canvases and framed prints you can hang on your wall and enjoy for years to come.

Photographers in the Grimsby area

Photography is a competitive business here in Grimsby and we're all trying to make our mark and earn a living. For those of us that don't advertise, we get new business by word of mouth. Reputation is everything and I'm trying to ensure that people see me as friendly, professional and above all, a good photographer. If you like my work, please tell your friends. If you like a picture you see in my portfolio, share it.

Flexible service that suits you

Although I have a couple of set packages listed in my Prices page, these are there mainly to give you an idea of what you can expect to get for your money. I'm fairly flexible and I'm quite happy to discuss what you want out of your shoot. If you'd like prints to frame and hang in your home, great! If it's digital copies so you can get prints, no problem! If you'd like one of the photos from your shoot to use as a new Facebook profile picture or cover photo, I'm your man!

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